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All I need is “everything”


For the love of variations: A new day, A new treat.

Each day of the week, you will get a different box / jar / bottle.

Day 1: Regular fruit box (Freshly diced seasonal fruits. Condiments: – assorted seeds, soaked nuts & raisins)

Day 2: Cold Pressed Juice of the day (Fresh cold pressed fruit juice. No added sugar/flavour/preservatives. Condiments: – Brown sugar & Himalayan pink salt.)

Day 3: Salad of the day (Freshly prepared salad with healthy assorted greens and veggies. Condiments: – salad seasoning, mix herbs, chilli flakes and Himalayan pink salt.)

Day 4: Premium Fruit Box (Freshly diced seasonal and exotic fruits. Condiments: – assorted seeds, soaked nuts & exotic raisins)

Day 5: Parfait of the day (Greek yogurt-based parfait with layers of nutritious granola/fruits/oatmeal cookies)

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“We are trying to make efforts to reduce plastic”

Fruit box and Salads are packed in biodegradable boxes. Juices and parfaits are packed in glass bottles/jar.

To promote reuse, we credit 10 Rs. for every returned bottle or Jar. This credit can be used in next order within a month.

In case of any allergies or dislike, please mention in notes while ordering. We will replace those items from your orders.